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This is a love letter to my friend Owen Coyle. Not only is Owen my friend but he used to be my neighbor in Champagne Village. I got to know my neighbor very well. Owen is a man to be trusted and is a true friend. When it came time in my life to make some adjustments, I called Owen for help and guidance. I knew about the service he provided in Reverse Mortgages so I called him. He was Johnny on the spot, with a soft shoulder and patience. My reverse mortgage is now complete and I could not be happier. There are funds there if needed, and the costs to put this reverse mortgage in place, was well worth every penny. His team of workers who completed my Reverse Mortgage, need to be complimented on their service and knowledge. Now I have a worry free life thanks to Owen. I look forward to many years enjoying the money I worked so hard for. Thanks Owen.

Frances Norman Horton

Owen is always on top of things. What I like is how quickly he responds. When i made the decision to take a reverse mortgage Owen was always up to date and made the process virtually stress free.

Bill B.

Owen works hard and communicates well. Junie who processes the application is very experienced, competent, cheery, and helpful. This was a good experience with people who believe in good service.

Errol C.

My wife and I were extremely pleased with the work that Owen and his team did to secure our reverse mortgage. He was very professional and made sure we understood everything we were doing. The entire process was easy and seamless. I would recommend Owen and his team to anyone thinking about doing a reverse mortgage. He truly knows what he is doing. Thanks again Owen for a great job!

Steven S.

I have been enjoying my reverse mortgage for almost seven years and I probably wouldn't have even done it if it weren't for the guidance of Owen. My first experience with obtaining information on reverse mortgages made me doubt. I attended a lunch seminar and was put off by the high pressure presentation. Through a mutual friend I met with Owen and was impressed with his knowledge and compassion. He listened to me and let me do the most of the talking. Owen wanted to be sure that this was what I wanted. The process was easy and Owen was always available to walk me through my questions.....and he's still there for me.

Trish H.

Owen Coyle assisted me with obtaining a reverse mortgage on my home. With his assistance, I was able to secure financing that helps me with expenses until I begin receiving social security. Owen and his processor, Junie were able to qualify me for the loan after I had been told my another lender that I did not qualify. Thank you, Owen and Junie.

Sherri W.

I did a reverse mortgage knowing I wouldn't get any extra money for retirement but it would take away my monthly mortgage payment. It was complicated but Owen and his associates helped me thru it. He did a good job.

Janice N.

My mom was facing financial difficulties with the passing of my father and wasn't sure if she should sell the home she and my dad shared for thirty years. This was seven years ago and mom is enjoying the freedom from financial worries. She was concerned that I might object to her decision to obtain a reverse mortgage, but I couldn't be happier for her. Owen Coyle made it easy for both of us to understand just what a reverse mortgage is and how life can become stress-free when money worries are gone.

Brooks H.

I already had a reverse mortgage when I met Owen at an OASIS class where he was speaking on reverse mortgages. He explained to me that I could possibly get a refi on the reverse mortgage I already had and have more money available to me to use however I wanted. Being a widow I was a little hesitant but Owen was never pushing me to make a decision, very patient with me and slowly explained everything until I understood. I got the refi and planned to use the money to upgrade some things in my 30 year old condo. However, I was very ill this past year and am now using the money to pay high medical expenses so I don't have to go in debt to pay them. Thank you Owen.

Marilyn T.

Owen did a great job helping me with my Reverse Mortgage. He was very attentive to detail and very thorough.

Joe O.

Owen Coyle not only has expertise in reverse mortgages, but he was extremely patient as well. As a former real estate broker, I asked for numbers again and again....and had answers to my questions quickly. The process is complicated. Owen simplified it for me. I would recommend Owen to anyone considering a reverse mortgage. He is genuine in his desire to help people. I like that!

Nancy A.

Owen Coyle was my agent in getting a reverse mortgage, and I was not only very pleased with the service I got from him but with the entire experience I had with Reverse Mortgage West. Owen is extremely knowledgeable, and he also has excellent support staff who helped me through the entire process and answered all my questions quickly and fully. From beginning to end, there was never any pressure of any kind, and Owen was always careful in making sure that I fully understood all aspects of the reverse mortgage process before making any decisions. Highest recommendation - you can't go wrong with Owen Coyle and Reverse Mortgage West.

Alex W.

My husband and I have done a reverse mortgage with Reverse Mortgage West. Our specialist is Owen Coyle and this wonderful, dedicated man has changed our lives. We were wondering how we would be able to keep our home since my husband had to retire due to back injuries. Thanks to Owen and his dedication and love for helping people be free from their mortgage payments and also to be able to keep our home, we now have peace of mind. We know that we can live in our home for the rest of our lives thanks to Owen. He really loves what he does and it shows in his results. He is truly an amazing person and if anyone has ANY questions as to whether they should do a reverse mortgage, PLEASE call Owen. He will change your life too and you will be at peace knowing that you can keep your home. Owen is our friend now because of his dedication to us as people, not just clients. Change your life and call Reverse Mortgage West and ask for Owen Coyle.

Catherine W.