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Owen Coyle facilitated our first Reverse Mortgage several years ago. He was always available to answer any of our questions and did a wonderful job of taking care of it for us. When we wanted to rehnance our Reverse Mortgage, we called Owen of course, because we knew he had the expertise we needed! It took a while to get it going but not because of Owen but because of us. But he had all the patience in the world waiting for us to get our ducks in a row and he helped us through the whole thing. We are so grateful for his help. We never felt pressured and now we are enjoying the fruits of his labor!

Bill & Donna Buch


Wow, Owen is the best. This is the second time we have used him for a Reverse Mortgage and things couldn’t be easier or better. We get good personal service and follow up to make sure things go forward smoothly. This is a person who knows his stuff and cares about the people he serves. I highly recommend Owen and his team for a Reverse Mortgage. Thanks Owen, with a shout out to Junie who processes the application, etc.

- John Beyer


Not only would I feel confident to refer Owen Coyle, I have done so. He contacted a friend of mine and like me,
she was impressed with his knowledge. I never knew him not to have an answer for any question I ever had.
He is knowledgeable and professional and a great guy.

- Anne M.


Owen did 2 Reverse Mortgages for us. He was a pleasure to work with and very professional and helpful.
We felt comfortable working with him. We would use him again and again.

- Dini W.


I have had two Reverse Mortgages with Owen. He is extremely efficient and very knowledgeable. Such a pleasure to work with. Any information needed I received quickly. He never hesitated to answer any questions. Junie, who processes the loan documents and information, is also quite proficient. I would highly recommend Owen. The process can be long and somewhat daunting, but Owen's abilities allow the client to move through the process with less effort and fr ustrab on. Thank you again for a job well done. (Twice)!!

- Donna S.


My wife and I were a little hesitant to start the process of obtaining a Reverse Mortgage as we knew nothing of how it would work. Owen took us through it, step by step, and was always available to answer our questions and to guide us through it. He took something that seemed to be very complicated and difficult and made it easy and understandable.

- Cicil S.


I, James Throne Hall, have worked with Mr. Owen Coyle for the year of 2020-2021. I needed help financially in order to remain in my home of 50 years. I had lost faith in the banking home loan system. I was introduced to Mr. Coyle via a friend who was well aware of my finances. I found Mr. Coyle to be an answer to my need to peace of mind. Mr. Coyle was always  honest  in  his getting  to know  how  my  needs  could  be met. He was always professional, and prepared to answer all questions and doubts in a Reverse Mortgage. It was and is a pleasure to call him friend and fellow human being. Thank you very much for your hard work.

- James Tyrone Hall


I had heard about Reverse Mortgages long before I came to the place to have the need for one. When it looked like it may become the best solution to my financial situation, I took a course that Owen offered so that I could learn more about Reverse Mortgages. The course was informative and I was under no obligation. I was in the middle of a divorce and I had to wait for the divorce to be finalized to see where I stood. This took almost a full year and Owen was available all along to support me without any pressure. It was obvious to me that he had my best interest at heart. Once I was ready, he was Johnny on the Spot to get the ball rolling. He literally took care of everything and let me know I could rely on him totally. He had all the contacts to carry through every step of the way. No one could have been more gracious, honest, sincere and experienced. He is the reason it worked with ease and grace. The result is that I am able to stay in my home and enjoy an abundant lifestyle. As far as I am concerned, he was a gift from God.

- Donna Pietrzak


I met Owen through a mutual friend and was very impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail in every step of the process. My Husband and I were very impressed with our Reverse Mortgage. It enabled us to do some “bucket list‘ things before his passing. I’ll always be grateful for the financial peace of mind we had at that difficult time. I would recommend Owen Coyle to anyone thinking about a Reverse Mortgage.

- Valerie Myers


I had known Owen for several years now and he has done an awesome job handling my Reverse Mortgage, and then again when I refinanced it. His processor, Junie, was also very professional and honest. A top notch team I would recommend to everyone.

- Cindi T.


Completing a Reverse Mortgage with Owen Coyle:
Seven years ago, I was invited to a luncheon on Reverse mortgages. I was hesitant to do one since I had heard some questionable things about RM’s, which after attending the seminar/luncheon and doing some more research, I realized were all “old wives tales .
Fast forward: Once I was ready to do one a few years later, I called back to see if Owen was still doing them, and he was. I used my RM to get money to build a granny flat which will be allowing me a substantial amount of extra cash flow for my retirement. Rental income with NO mortgage payments. I love it! Owen was Johnny on the spot with everything from start to finish. He answered all my phone calls and emails... even on the weekends. NO other company would ever do that. I was TOTALLY impressed with that extra weekend touch that he offered. I was happy with the process all the way through, and the other thing that stood out to me was his meticulous organization. Never have I worked with someone so efficient.

- Michael L.


My Reverse Mortgage took pressure off and gave me some breathing room. I'd tried another company first. Things sat in limbo for at least 9 months. My requests for information and updates went largely unanswered and I was both uncomfortable with the delays and uncertain of how to move forward. I heard about Owen through a friend. Within 24 hours of my contacting Owen, he gave me more information than I had received in the previous 9 months. I was sold on his professionalism and his enthusiasm and would highly recommend him.

- David Sosna