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About Owen

I’m Owen Coyle and I've been setting up Reverse Mortgages for the past 24 years.

I absolutely have a passion for working with senior homeowners, improving their Quality of Life” and giving them “Peace of Mind” by setting up Reverse Mortgages for them.

A Reverse Mortgage is not for every senior, but when “It Fits”, it can absolutely change their life for the better. When I meet with seniors, I always suggest that they include as many of their children as possible in our meetings. I always want to have the entire family “On The Same Page” and understand how the Reverse Mortgage will benefit their parents based on their particular situation and needs.

Most Reverse Mortgage companies do business by using the telephone, email or US Mail and use a notary to take care of the Reverse Mortgage “Application and Closing Documents”.

I do business “The Old Fashion Way”. I go to the seniors’ home and sit down with them at their kitchen table and talk with them “Face to Face”. I make sure that I answer all their questions and that the entire family understands how the Reverse Mortgage works.

I’m very concerned about how much “Misinformation” and “Misconceptions” about Reverse Mortgages there are out on the street, so I’m on a mission to get “The Truth” out to as many seniors as I can as I talk to them individually and through my Reverse Mortgage workshops and seminars.

Please call or email me ( with the information that I need and I will prepare a "No Obligation Benefits Analysis" for you. This information will be used to create a computer printout that will show the approximate amount of money that will be available for you and the various payment options that will be available to you.