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Escondido Reverse Mortgages

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Safari Park, Escondido California
Safari Park, Escondido, California- Flickr

Escondido Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Reverse Mortgage West focuses on meeting the needs of homeowners’ retirement and lifestyle needs. One way we can help accomplish that mission is with a reverse mortgage.

Our streamlined operations and unparalleled staff make the process of getting your reverse mortgage smooth and easy. Our staff brings a combined 40 years of experience in reverse mortgage lending. We serve the cities of Escondido, Valley Center, Hidden Meadows, San Marcos, and Vista.

How many of your neighbors have done a reverse mortgage? Here are some interesting facts about reverse mortgages and the housing market in the greater Escondido area.

Escondido Reverse Mortgage Facts
Escondido Reverse Mortgages

Today, the median home value in Escondido is approximately $627,855. The current maximum lending limit for FHA-insured reverse mortgages is $822,375. This means nearly all homes in the greater Escondido* area would see most, if not all, of their full home value considered in the calculation of the potential maximum reverse mortgage loan benefit. Homes above $822,375 may choose to apply for a private jumbo reverse mortgage for higher-valued properties.

Reverse mortgages calculate the maximum available loan benefit (before fees, costs, and lien payoffs) for qualified borrowers; based on the home’s appraised value, the age of the youngest borrower or named non-borrowing spouse, and the current/starting effective interest rate.

About Escondido

Escondido Greeting Arch, Downtown - Wikipedia
Escondido Greeting Arch, Downtown - Wikipedia

Escondido sits amid rocky hills in northern San Diego County. In Spanish, the city’s name is translated as ‘hidden’.  It is one of the oldest incorporated cities in San Diego County. In 2020 the city’s population was 151,289.

First settled by the Luiseño, the area later came under the control of Spain in the 18th and 19th centuries. When Mexico gained independence from Spain the region was divided into large ranchos. In 1883, a group of Los Angeles investors purchased Rancho Rincon del Diablo, the location of present-day Escondido. A year later these same investors sold their interests in the Escondido Land and Town Company. The town was incorporated in 1888. Once known as an area for extensive agricultural production of grapes, olives, and avocados; housing developments took over orchards and farms in the 1970s.

Nearby attractions include the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Palomar Mountain State Park, the California Center for the Arts, Daley Ranch conservation area, and Kit Carson Park.

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